we specialize in the expert repair of Rolex and Tag Heuer watches, along with a broad range of luxury watch brands

Genuine Parts and Equipment

Our Uncompromising Commitment To Quality

At Excel Time Service we adhere strictly to the exacting quality standards of the brands we service.

In particular this means that we use only genuine parts, specialized tools, and manufacturer certified equipment to meticulously restore your timepiece.

Genuine Parts

When we are servicing or repairing your timepiece, we will sometimes need to replace parts of the movement, case or bracelet which have broken or otherwise reached the end of their useful life.

We have an unwavering commitment to the highest level of quality in watch service and repair. This means that we systematically use only genuine, original parts that we order directly from the manufacturer.

Under no circumstances will we take shortcuts or reduce our costs by using imitation or generic parts. The only rare exception to this rule is when the genuine part is no longer available. In this case we will consult you first before proceeding with the work.

If you are evaluating watch repair facilities that publish lower repair fees, you should consider whether or not they have such a strict policy regarding genuine parts. Remember that the use of non-approved parts can — and will — invalidate your manufacturer warranty!

Certified Equipment & Tools

Every brand manufacturer provides strict guidelines and recommendations regarding the tools and equipment that should be used to repair and maintain their watches.

These guidelines must always be adhered to, in order for the brand manufacturer to recognize the watchmaker as an approved service vendor.

At Excel Time Service we take pride in maintaining 100% compliance with the equipment and tool requirements of every watch brand that we service.

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