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Authorized, Approved or Certified?

How to Identify a Reputable Watch Repair Facility

Step 1 - Cut Through the Hype

Many watch repair facilities claim to be "authorized", "approved" or "certified" by Rolex® or other luxury watch brands.

Beware! In the vast majority of cases, these claims are quite simply untrue.

Since the late 1990s, for various legal reasons, the established watch brands have chosen to stop handing out these coveted certificates and endorsements.

When you are shopping around for a watch repair facility, be very skeptical of anyone who claims to be approved, authorized or certified, unless they can also satisfy the conditions in Step 2 below.

Step 2 - Validate the Relationship

If a watch repair facility truly has a relationship with the brand manufacturer, there are some simple criteria that they should be able to fulfill.

If they cannot fulfill these criteria, it is also unlikely that they will be able to provide the quality service you deserve. In fact, we strongly advise you not to entrust your valuable timepiece to any such vendor.

Make sure your chosen facility can answer "yes" to all the following questions.

Do not hesitate to ask for substantiation.

[*] Substitute your own watch brand (Rolex® & Tag Heuer)

  • Do you use only genuine spare parts from brand [*] ?
  • Do you purchase your parts directly from brand?
  • Do you have a purchasing account directly with brand ?
  • Is your account with brand in good standing?
  • Does brand give you access to, and copies of, all their technical reference manuals?
  • Does your staff receive on-going technical training provided directly by brand at their training facility?
  • Do you adhere strictly to the technical and quality guidelines issued by brand?
  • Is your relationship with brand longstanding and collaborative?

What About Excel Time Service?

We are proud to confirm that we fulfill all the criteria described above.

Here is a message from Patrick Puton, founder of Excel Time Service:

As managing director of Excel Time Service, and formerly director of after-sales service at Rolex® Watch USA and LVMH Watch & Jewelry USA, I can assure you not only of our commitment to quality workmanship, but also of our integrity as a reputable approved authorized service provider of the brands we proudly collaborate with.

Whether your watch is a Rolex®, a Breitling, a Tag Heuer, or one of the many other brands that we service, you will find that we offer professional, brand-recognized service using only genuine parts, as well as brand-specific tools and equipment.

We strictly observe the official brand-issued guidelines and technical documentation. We regularly follow the brand-provided training programs to stay current with their technology.

We look forward to serving you.


Patrick Puton's Signature
Patrick Puton
Founder & Managing Director
Excel Time Service, LLC

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